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Cincy East Volleyball Club

Welcome! The staff here at Cincy East warmly welcomes families and student athletes who are considering our organization for the upcoming season. Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to providing age-appropriate training in a fun, safe, and positive environment. With a focus on the most successful and proven techniques in the game today, we aim to equip our athletes with the skills they need to excel. Cincy East Volleyball was founded with a vision to create a culture that inspires, educates, and fosters character-based leadership for life through the sport. Our staff members are dedicated to encouraging and preparing young individuals to reach their highest potential, both in athletics and in life. Take time and explore our informational website. Once again, welcome to Cincy East Volleyball, where we are excited to embark on a journey of growth and success together.

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Our Practice Facility





Cincy East Volleyball Club takes tremendous pride in its partnership with Elite Athletics Sports Complex. We are dedicated to creating an environment centered around FAMILY, fostering a sense of COMMUNITY, and promoting RESPECT among all individuals. At our club, we believe that sports provide an opportunity for personal growth and connection.

Located within the state-of-the-art Elite Athletics Sports Complex, we offer a space where families and communities can come together and thrive in their shared love for sports. The facility spans an impressive 64,000 square feet, featuring top-of-the-line courts and flooring, ensuring the highest quality experience for our members. The safety and comfort of our guests have been prioritized throughout the design of the complex.

To maintain a healthy environment, the facility is equipped with a modern HVAC system that includes internal air purification. The facility is also proud to offer full accessibility for individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair-friendly areas throughout the complex. Ensuring that everyone feels welcome.

Within the Elite Athletics Sports Complex, you will find six regulation tournament courts and eight practice courts, providing ample space for both competitive play and skill development. Additionally, we offer a family-friendly concession area, where members can enjoy refreshments, and modern restroom facilities equipped with a family restroom and changing station.

The courtside amenities enhance the overall experience, featuring state-of-the-art scoreboard technology, comfortable seating for players and coaches, as well as bleacher seating for spectators. Furthermore, we provide an additional 8,000 square foot practice facility to cater to the diverse needs of our members.

At Cincy East Volleyball Club, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that values FAMILY, fosters COMMUNITY engagement, and upholds the utmost RESPECT for all individuals both on and off the court. Join us in our pursuit of athletic excellence and personal growth within the Elite Athletics Sports Complex.

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Elite Athletics Sports Complex LLC.

1155 Old State Route 74
Batavia, Ohio 45103


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